Double Lake Biomedical Grand Lecture Series No.13
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On May 30th 2018, Professor Qiang Liu of Dalian Medical University was invited to participate in the "Double Lake Biomedical Grand Lecture Series" (13th lecture)  and conducted an academic report named "Aurora Kinase Targeting Research and Others." Professors and students of  Medical Research Institute, School of Life Science, and Basic Medical College took part in this activity.

Prof. Liu is now the Vice President of Dalian Medical University,he was also selected as Chief Scientist of Major Science Research Project (973), and won the National Youth Foundation's Outstanding Youth Fund, National Talents for "Hundred Million Talent Projects", as well  as "Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions" from the Ministry of Health. Prof. Liu has published for more than one hundred articles in internationally renowned academic journals such as Nature Medicine, Journal of Clinical Oncology, and Cancer Cell, and has been granted numerous national projects and patents.


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